Tapa Theatre Company

Tapa Theatre Company (TTC) was established in January 2011 and has gone from strength to strength. It is a  small children’s theatre company with the emphasis being on the professionalism required to be in a company. It has evolved from a single Company to three due to demand.

Mini TTC – age 4-7yrs Saturday 1:30pm – 3pm

Junior TTC – age 8-11yrs Saturday 9am-12pm

Senior TTC – age 12-18yrs Saturday 10am-12.30pm



Places are sought after and there is a cap on numbers to keep the focus and drive needed.

Company members rehearse together on a Saturday with occasional extra rehearsals on Sundays before productions. The Companies have performed in a range of productions from their very own Pantomimes to a variety show in London.

The theatre companies are directed by a Creative Team of Professionals to give the company a true sense of working in the business. TTC is structured to teach the company members a sense of discipline, professionalism and of course, good acting, singing and dance technique. Unlike most other ‘stage schools’ we don’t separate the children into age groups and give them classes, they work together and learn together and grow with each other in their achievements


TTC runs on a two year structure to give Company Members a full range of experience in many different performance spaces.

They will have many opportunities to perform in front of an audience and will be encouraged to create, write and even direct/choreograph their own pieces of work!

As well as nurturing their performing abilities and potential – it is a proven fact that taking part in performing arts classes helps young people to gain confidence, and lifelong skills that will help them in whatever career they choose to follow.

Performing Arts also helps and encourages people to focus, listen, be a team player, concentrate, keep a good level of fitness and challenge themselves.


Past and current Directors and contributors have performed in shows such as Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek, Mamma Mia, Les Miserable, Starlight Express, Billy Elliot in the West End plus numerous TV appearances and at comedy venues all over the country. The wealth of knowledge and talent that we have experienced is among the best and this high standard will continue.

Term 1:In house (Spring)

At Academy House we have the facilities to turn the main studio in to a studio theatre. During this term, the company will be working on a performance lead by and directed by the students themselves with help from the creative team. This gives the kids a chance to be the creative force behind the scenes of a production and really get involved with all aspects of the theatre from designing posters and tickets to choreographing and directing to costuming and lighting. It’s time for creativity to shine and a great platform for kids to really show what they can and let all their ideas come bursting out.

Term 2: Showtime (Summer)

For this term the company will work on 2 big production numbers to incorporate into TAPA’s main show at The Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks. TTC will use the same theme as TAPA and put together 2 fantastic pieces that will be showcased within the show. This involves a week of rehearsals at the theatre plus 4 performances.


Term 3:(Autumn)

It is important that we are aware of the community around us and with that in mind we will spend this term creating work we can share with the community in a variety of different ways (residential homes, care centres, Village Hall). We can potentially give so much and bring so much enjoyment to people and learn new skills as this is a completely different way of performing. The rewards you gain from these types of performances will undoubtedly be worth the effort and will give audience and performers equal pleasure.


Term 4: The West End (Spring)

During this term we will be preparing for our performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End. We will showcase all the talent in the Theatre Company with two spectacular, fully costumed numbers.


Term 5: Outdoors (Summer)

This will involve creating and rehearsing a number of stand alone pieces that we can both perform at different events around the local area but also in an outdoor space/arena to parents, family and friends. Working outdoors and on different surfaces is another challenge and shapes they way in which you present pieces. In an outdoor arena you can present pieces in the round or 3 sided which gives you lots of different options and challenges the performers to work differently. Company members will be representing the theatre company at lots of fairs, festivals and local fetes alongside students from TAPA.


Term 6 : (Autumn)

This term will involve putting together an abridged musical. The Company will perform in a local theatre (i.e. Bob Hope, Bromley Little Theatre). The company will auditioned, parts cast and work will begin. It will be rehearsed and performed as a full musical (just a bit shorter!)

Remember, TAPA Theatre Company members are being inspired and encouraged to learn new skills and see what they are truly capable of but…. given the chance and the right encouragement…who knows what could happen?