Ballet classes start at TAPA from 18months (parent and toddler classes) right up to our successful and well established Adult Ballet class.

From an early age children can enjoy the delight of moving to I spiring music that will capture their imagination and teach them not only poise, coordination and grace but light their minds up to all possibilities that’s come with learning dance.  Younger Boys and girls alike can experience a positive and rewarding class where they can be butterflies, soldiers, fairs, knights, princesses and kings while gently learning the basics of the ballet technique. Once they start with the graded work, there are opportunities to take exams* and continue through the ISTD syllabi right up to the vocational grades.

Ballet is by nature a technically challenging discipline and to excel in ballet, students need determination, natural ability, commitment and a love for it. The teachers at TAPA are not only qualified ISTD teachers but are truly committed to passing on their passion for this beautiful art form.