Welcome to TAPA

TAPA is a part-time Performing Arts school for children and adults.

Temple Academy of Performing Arts was established in 1997 (under Snowdon Dance Studios and then Temple Dance School) and has continued to grow and flourish in the area.

Starting from small beginnings, TAPA has become a leading light in the Performing Arts business due to its continued success in nurturing young people in the world of dance and theatre.

Principal Nicki Temple has led the school through many changes and is very proud of the success story it is today.

The Pavilion

“It’s not just a job, it can’t be when you are dealing with families and children who give you their trust and I take that very seriously. Having run the school for this long, I have seen children turn from tiny toddlers, holding on to my leg and grinning up at me, to beautiful young dancers, smiling as they head out into the world to make a career with the skills they have learnt here. It’s not just a job,it’s a passion and every child who steps through our door under the TAPA sign, is part of a family and whether they go on to perform or not – we try to make it so they will cherish their time here. The friendships they make and the experiences they have will be a part of them forever.”

TAPA runs classes for children in I.S.T.D  Ballet, Tap and Modern, Freestyle Jazz, Singing, Drama (LAMDA), a Children’s Theatre Company (limited places) and various workshops with professionals. For adults there are Tap and Ballet classes available for various abilities.

Performing Arts is a highly competitive area to achieve in and while we aim to bring out the best in each student a good training can never guarantee success in the real world of work.

“The idea of singing and dancing for a career is a lovely one but the reality is harsh. While I will always encourage everyone to see what they can achieve, you have to be so dedicated and committed to this way of life and also have natural ability and a drive that you don’t often see in other professions. You are the product and you have to not only be outstanding at what you do but know that you are and not be afraid to show it. If you get up in the morning and can think of anything else you’d rather do that day than dance – then maybe you shouldn’t be a dancer….”

TAPA continues to have many opportunities to perform at some very prestigious venues. Taking performers to dance at theatres like The London Palladium, Sadlers Wells, Her Majesty’s, The Churchill Theatre and many more give them such a wide range of experience and will ignite their desire to get back there as a paid professional. Something that happened to Alice Murray just this year (Click here to read Alice’s story)

Our goal here at TAPA is, first and foremost, to provide a safe environment for young people and adults to explore the world of dance and performing and give them every opportunity to achieve their very best. Making friendships that can last a lifetime (both students and parents) also seems to be a huge part of TAPA and I am also very proud of that.

It really is a Home from Home for so many students past and present and that’s a real achievement.


“TAPA has a very friendly and family orientated ethos that spreads throughout all that attend this marvellous dance school. The students are very well mannered, well round individuals that can sing and dance with the best of them.”
Ruben Shabab, Beckenham

“A tremendous performing arts school promoting the best in dance, drama, singing and musical theatre. Children achieve very high standards and enjoy a variety of performance opportunities whilst being taught in a friendly/family environment.”
Peter, Orpington

“TAPA provides a high standard of teaching in a caring yet professional environment.”
Jane Firth
“I am a student here at Temple and have been since I was 3 – 13 years ago. I have taken part in every class Temple offer and have enjoyed every one. I currently study Tap, Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Pointe, and have only reduced to these classes due to increasing school work. TAPA is my second home, and through working on Reception here as well, I am lucky enough to see all parts of the school. I have a great relationship with all of the teachers, even those who dont currently teach me pesonally. I have made friends for life, not only with those students in my classes, but also wih students throughout the shool, of different ages, who I might only see in passing at class changeovers. TAPA has also given me the perosnal confidence to perform in Disneyland and on stage numerous times. I only have two years left of being a student here before moving on, and I know I’m going to miss TAPA like mad! Recommended to anyone, any age, any ability!”
Who was this?, ?
“TAPA offers outstanding teaching and support to its students. Standards and expectations are high, but there is also an emphasis on enjoyment. There are lots of opportunities to perform on stage and students also get the chance to show off their creative side. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the 8 years she has been there, during which time she’s made lots of friends and grown in confidence on stage.”
Mr S Narracot, Hayes
“My Daughter has been attending TAPA for over 12 years and has studied dance and theatre across a wide range of disciplines. The teaching is of a very high standard encouraging good discipline and a sense of responsibility. All pupils throughout the school are encouraged to fulfil their potential with great opportunities to achieve examination success. However underpinning all of this is a real sense of fun, excitement and community which is instilled by the principal and all teaching staff. As well as taking part in many school performances and shows, pupils from TAPA including my daughter have successfully audition for both amateur and professional productions examples include Pantomimes at the Stag Sevenoaks; Ashcroft Theatre Croydon; Harlequins Redhill and Churchill Theatre Bromley, English Youth Ballet, West Wickham Operatic Society Productions including Annie and Wizard of Oz at the Churchill Theatre. My daughter has made great friends at the school and TAPA has be a very important part of her life from toddler to Teenager. I would have no hesitation in recommending TAPA to anyone; this school can cater for all from guiding and shaping pupils with aspirations and the potential for a career in the performing arts through to pupils who just want to pursue a hobby in a fun and exciting environment.”
Who was this?, Hayes